Call for testing: snapcraft 2.42.1

Version 2.42.1 of the snapcraft CLI is now available for testing. This is a bug fix only release, the list of bugs fixed can be seen over at

This release is available for testing in the following forms:

As a snap, available in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install --candidate --classic snapcraft

Or, if you already have it installed:

$ sudo snap refresh --candidate snapcraft

As a deb, in the proposed pocket of xenial and bionic, tracked by the SRU bug LP: #1771915. More information on testing the SRU is available at

Or through docker, all risk levels of the snap are available as tagged Docker images, to check out the candidate tag:

$ docker pull snapcore/snapcraft:candidate 

Happy testing,

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This version of snapcraft is now available on the stable channel together with the Ubuntu archives which means it is also available for
The docker images are also up to date.

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Failed tests:

  • [ ] -h, --help for all commands

    $ snapcraft init -h
    Error: no such option: -h
  • [ ] Python snap builds on Fedora

    $ git clone
    $ cd snap-tutorials-code/snap-python-app/final/
    $ snapcraft
    Unable to determine host OS version codename
  • [ ] SELinux compatibility (Fedora)

    $ git clone
    $ cd snap-tutorials-code/create-your-first-snap/final/
    (sorry, can not complete this test ATM)

That is one of the expected outputs for Fedora. Are you being confused about the fedora VM PoC forum post by any chance?

I would expect snapcraft to show user friendly message that Fedora is not supported if that’s the case.