Call for testing: snapcraft 2.40

snapcraft 2.40 is now available for testing in these forms:

The release notes are currently being drafted but already provide a good indication of the set of changes in this release. For all releases hop over to to get an idea of the changes since you last updated or used snapcraft.

The list of bugs fixed in this release are:

  • LP: #1739066 please detect and clear executable stack binaries
  • LP: #1663365 Stage package fetching progress is useless
  • LP: #1750658 snapcraft should filter out ‘adapter’ when generating snap.yaml
  • LP: #1751447 snapstore and review-tools use the wrong regexp for snap names
  • LP: #1720369 TypeError when the delta service failed to apply delta within 60s
  • LP: #1746009 clean is checking lxd remote
  • LP: #1737571 stack trace when description or summary contain non-ascii characters
  • LP: #1752481 Regressions in 2.39.2 in xenial-updates in classic snaps (relative to 2.35)
  • LP: #1747097 patch fewer elf files
  • LP: #1753965 Error installing Python packages fails with trace
  • LP: #1757094 snapcraft in edge channel (2.39.2+git46.c22d7e2) fails to cross-compile kernel
  • LP: #1752538 Building snap using base-18 is broken with 2.39

We would appreciate anyone to try out their common workloads with this release and maybe some new ones as exploratory testing.

If you have are using of launchpad builders we’d also like to hear about it on this topic Snapcraft snap building sanity checks for



The Call for testing doesn’t say where to file issues, but I assume the answer is in Launchpad?

I don’t know if the issue I saw is new in 2.40, but I filed it nevertheless: LP: #1758958

Thanks @sparkiegeek, this is known issue (Slow startup time for snaps? and prior) and one of the priorities for the next release.