Call for testing: smuxi snap

Hello, I’m not very knowledgeable with snaps (I only built 3 and maintain 2) so it would be really helpful if someone from the community could help or review or test the snap package I built for Smuxi IRC app:

Some background: Smuxi is being dropped from Debian because of some issue with some of its dependencies; so we could revive it this way, for people that don’t mind installing snap in Debian.

If you want to test the snap you need to download it from the artifact of the GitHubActions CI build of that PR:


Hello ! @knocte .

I got this, when I clicked on the link.

Thanks for your reply @baldeuniversel ! It’s not a real 404, it is just asking you to sign-in into GitHub. Don’t ask me why, but you need to have an account in order to download artifacts :grimacing:

BTW, in case anyone is wondering: the snap works but I’ve only tested basic functionality so far.