Call for testing: SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.11

I would like to announce a call of testing for the 0.3.11 version of the unofficial SimpleScreenRecorder snap. SimpleScreenRecorder is a feature-rich screen recorder.

Screenshot of the application running as a snap

How to install

Get it from the Snap Store

or, in a terminal:

# Install the snap #
sudo snap install --channel=beta simplescreenrecorder-brlin

# Connect the snap to optional security confinement interfaces #
## To allow access to ALSA devices ##
sudo snap install core
sudo snap connect simplescreenrecorder-brlin:alsa

# Launch the application #

What to test

  • Can you properly launch the application?
  • Can you properly record a video using the application?
  • (If you have a non AMD64 device) can you run the application without issue on non-AMD64 architecture devices?
  • Do you notice any problems during running the application?

How to contribute

Here’s the source repository of the snap:

Please report any issues regarding the use of the snap to the snap’s issue tracker:


I just installed the snap on Ubuntu 18.10 and had no issues, the snap installed correctly, I recorded a couple of videos and watched them after.

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Works fine here in Ubuntu Budgie 18.10. Recorded a couple of videoes and played back with no problems using the default settings. I did not get any sound however, coz I’m using pulseaudio and not alsa. Dunno if you can connect pulseaudio interface to the snap to get it working?

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The pulseaudio interface is connected by default. Can you record audio normally with other pulseaudio applications?

Did some more testing. When I selected source: “monitor of built-in audio digital stereo (IEC958)” from the dropdown, the sound recording worked perfectly! :+1:

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That rather looks like a bug as it is actually a virtual monitor device of an audio output device.


Thanks for adding unofficial snap, and marking it as unofficial. I appreciate that some have time to package snaps.

I just noticed, that there is video complaining about multiple versions of unofficial snaps, mentioning simplescreenrecorder as an example, but without reporting about that at forum. But when I looked, there were only 2 old versions of simplescreenrecorder snap. That is not so many.