Call for Testing/Release Announcement: SuperTuxKart


SuperTuxKart is a free kart racing game. It focuses on fun and not on realistic kart physics. Instructions can be found on the in-game help page.

The SuperTuxKart homepage can be found at

To run SuperTuxKart, make sure that your computer includes a graphics card capable of 3D rendering - NVIDIA GeForce 8 series and newer (GeForce 8100 or newer), AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4000 series and newer, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and newer. You’ll need at least 512 MB of free VRAM (video memory), and a CPU that’s running at 1 GHz or faster.


sudo snap install supertuxkart

Requested setups

Anything and everything. Please test if you have a controller/joystick as I do not and so could not test this myself. If you have some friends, please try network/internet races with them. Also if you can test the network play modes please, if you can, try to check that this snap can successfully play against both snapped and unsnapped network peers.


Seems to work well here on Ubuntu 16.04 and proprietary nvidia drivers. Once I attach the joystick interface (it is so annoying having to do that manually) I can use my steam controller via sc-controller. I’ve no idea about network games as there doesn’t seem to be any kind of lobby. Do we need to friend-request people to play online? If so, please feel free to add me as “mcphail”. I doubt my internet connection will be good enough to play online, but you never know.

(Edit: a minor problem is the game doesn’t have a proper icon in the dock.)

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I love this one! It worked nicely here, ubuntu 18…04, Intel graphics.

Thank you @lucyllewy!

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I wonder how I managed to fudge that one? :smiley:

(that was rhetoric)

I had a lot of fun playing split screen multiplayer with the kids this evening. One Steam controller via sc-controller and 2 xbox360 wired controllers. Worked flawlessly. Thanks!