Call for testing: racket snap

I’ve prepared and published the racket snap, which contains the compiler and IDE for Racket

Initially I’ve only build the version for x86_64 (aka amd64). That snap is available in the stable channel. I’ve since made a build for aarch64 (aka arm64) which is only available in edge.

I would like to ask anyone with a Raspberry Pi running 64-bit Ubuntu or any other 64bit arm system to give racket a try and see if it works. I’m especially curious if the racket.dracket IDE works correctly.

The source code for the snap packaging is at Feel free to report issues there or in the forum.

Hello, in the meantime Racket has reached version 8.8. It would be nice to have also an updated snap. I have tried the flatpak that is already updated to the latest version, but it works badly.


Thank you for letting me know. I will build an update today

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I’ve pushed 8.8 to the gitlab repository and dispatched builds in the store.

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I’m grateful for the quickly update of the snap. It works perfectly.

Thank you,

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I’ve made it a little better. Refresh again to get functional bash completion for racket and racket.raco (including the raco alias).

The builds with this feature are now published.

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Thank you very much! It works perfectly :+1:

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