Call for testing: PrusaSlicer

Hello people, just snapped PrusaSlicer, my favorite. I’d be great if you could test and give feedback.

Store entry (not yet listed):

There’s two versions available, both strict confined: beta and edge, referring to latest stable 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 alpha, respectively. To install one of them, type:

sudo snap install prusa-slicer --beta


sudo snap install prusa-slicer --edge

What works (tested):

  • Basic functionality - slicing and all related features.
  • Saving and opening projects.
  • Exporting G-CODE directly to SD card (needs to connect interfaces though, I’ll explain below).
  • Exporting config, plate, etc.

What hasn’t been tested yet:

  • Uploading to Octoprint and all. I use Repetier Server, so don’t use this feature and don’t even know how to do it.
  • Flashing firmware. Don’t have a Prusa, not sure if this feature is specific, so didn’t try either.

In order to export G-CODE directly to SD card, you need to connect following interfaces after installing (that’s optional):

sudo snap connect prusa-slicer:removable-media
sudo snap connect prusa-slicer:mount-observe

Altought you can export directly to card, unmounting it from GUI doesn’t work and will crash app. I’ll see if there’s an interface allowing it and, if so, how should the code be adjusted to allow it. For now, just export but don’t try unmounting (use Nautilus or whatever you are used to).

If you want to try flashing firmware, the following interfaces might allow it (also optional). Try at your own risk:

sudo snap connect prusa-slicer:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect prusa-slicer:raw-usb

snapcraft.yaml file is linked in store entry. That’s it for now, folks. Thanks!!

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Hi mate,

I just start using your snap package and I can confirm that I’m able to flash my MK3 wqith it and upload files via the network to octoprint or klipper.

Cheers< Gabbajoe