Call for testing: Postman

Postman is a tool for API development

 snap install postman

The postman snap name has been registered for a while now but nothing has happened there so far, so I decided to try this on my own, since I use the tool myself anyway.

EDIT: The ‘postman’ snap name has been transferred and the snap can now be installed just by

 snap install postman

Thanks! I too use it often so I might give this a test-drive :+1:

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It’s working wonderfully here. Thank you, @junglerobba.

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@evan Thanks for testing.
I saw that you’re on the Snapcrafters admin list, so I figured I’d just ask here:
Would the correct next step be transferring the snap to snapcrafters? Or should I try to get in contact with the Postman team?

@junglerobba Thanks for working on Postman, works great here :slight_smile: I know friends of mine who are very keen to see a snap of this!

I have tried to contact upstream before and had no reply. My suggestions are this:

  • Register postman and publish the snap under that name.
  • Make sure the executable is not name spaced, so it is it just postman from the terminal.
  • Unpublish postman-unofficial so no else can discover it.
  • You reach out to Postman upstream (pull requests work best :wink: ) and encourage them to take on ownership of the Postman snap.
    • We can assist you with this, I’ll send you a PM.

How does that sound?

Sounds great!

postman is already registered though, can I link this thread in the request?

I’m getting this error while trying to install:


@brianop I had already set the snap to private while waiting for the registration of the new name. I made it public again so the install should work now

I just installed and everything seems to be fine. Thank you once again!

@Wimpress Any update on this? I already tried to register the Postman snap and put in a link to this thread for the dispute, that has been open for two weeks now though.

@junglerobba, have you tried PMing @Wimpress about it?

Just tried this on Ubuntu 17.10 - I get Segmentation fault (core dumped) upon launching it.

The “official” Postman launches fine on the same machine.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can provide that may be of help.

My apologies, downloaded the latest version of Postman and that is having the same issue!

Yesterday postman was working fine, I’ve used this snap for about a month now on Ubuntu 18, today postman didn’t launch anymore and when using “postman” in a terminal I get the following error:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gail"
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "atk-bridge"
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

# Fatal error in ../../v8/src/snapshot/snapshot.h, line 28
# Check failed: IsSane().

==== C stack trace =============================== [0x7f231347f72e] [0x7f231347ef5f] [0x7f2312ef98ad] const&)+0x15b) [0x7f23130c282b]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x2a8d51b]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x2a8d425]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman(atom::JavascriptEnvironment::JavascriptEnvironment()+0x31) [0x3713c11]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman(atom::AtomBrowserMainParts::PostEarlyInitialization()+0xdf) [0x370eeaf]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x24952ce]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x2581a0d]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x2693b6d]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x23d7342]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x1c23f85]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x23d75a2]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman(main+0x88) [0x3706dc8]
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f230b994830]
    /snap/postman/81/usr/share/Postman/Postman() [0x513f39]
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

What is going on?

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