Call for testing: Plex Media Server arm64 and armhf builds

Hello forum users,

We are extending our builds to cover ARMv8 (a.k.a aarch64 or arm64) and ARMv7 devices.

We have uploaded a preview version of these builds to the snap store on a hidden channel.
If you are interested in trying them out, you can install via the command line:

$ sudo snap install plexmediaserver --channel=edge/arm

This will install PMS which is identical to the current live version of the server (, so in general it should be as stable as that version is. Please send any feedback or questions as a reply to this thread or our forum thread:


  • If you have installed PMS via other means (e.g. deb package) on the same device, make sure to uninstall or at least disable that first. Both installations will try to use the same port by default and one of them will fail when trying to run them at the same time.
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