Call for testing: OpenCPN 4.8


OpenCPN is an open-source chart navigation plotter to be used ship-borne for sailing.

How to install

sudo snap install --edge opencpn

If you have OpenCPN already installed, please remove it first, or it might conflict.

Requested Setups

It has only been lightly tested on ubuntu:xenial on amd64 .
So all other platforms are than welcome.

Specific tests

  1. I tested downloading a chart. But I haven’t tested it yet with gpsd to get position etc.
  2. I haven’t tested it on RPi and other embedded platform. I know that many of the users use it that way.

Sources and bug reports


Thanks to @kyrofa and @elopio for helping craft this snap!


This works very well! It’s a bit unfortunate that $HOME defaults to $SNAP_USER_DATA here, because OpenCPN resolves the symlinks by default. If you put data in there, make sure you turn the revision number into current, or when the snap is updates you will no longer be able to access your maps. Better yet, just put your maps in your real home directory.

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