Call for testing: omairqazi-instantnews

To install:
sudo snap install omairqazi-instantnews --beta
get your api from newsapi .org
for example, try:
instantnews --news cnn
git repo:
Usage instructions at

Something is wrong here:

$ omairqazi-instantnews.instantnews --show-all
usage: chardetect [-h] [--version] [input [input ...]]
chardetect: error: unrecognized arguments: --show-all

Ok please reinstall my snap as i forgot to add the chardetect script.
NOTE: there is no such argument as --show-all. you have to use underscore instead of hyphen.
Correct is:
please see the usage instructions link

There we go, much better! I’m curious why you didn’t use the upstream name, though (instantnews)?

ping @omairqazi, are you still interested in helping us to maintain this snap now that the google code-in has finished?

@elopio, yes i am. i was busy due to exams :frowning:

Alright, what we need is for you to finish the snapcrafters checklist and transfer it to the team. That way, if you are busy with school we can help you maintaining it. And when you have free time, you can help us maintaining this one and the others.

If you need a hand with this, just let me know. And you have an important question from kyrofa up there.

okk. @elopio but i am unable to register the snap name as @kyrofa told. @popey told me that the upstream developer already registered the name.

@elopio I made a pull request to the instantnews upstream developer as he has the snap name registered ( as @popey replied on the forum(Configure repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit)

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Thanks for the pull request @omairqazi! Let’s wait to see what the dev says.

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