Call for testing: Nextcloud snap v13.0.1snap1

Hey there everyone.

This is a cross-post from the Nextcloud forums. We’re about to release Nextcloud v13 into the stable snap channel. We needed to wait for 13.0.1 to do this, which was just released!

Please help give it a test by using the 13/candidate channel:

sudo snap install nextcloud --channel=13/candidate

If you already have it installed, refresh to it:

sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=13/candidate

We’ve put together some smoke tests to help you really give it a workout:

Please test as much as you can, and let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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I can’t partake in the smoke testing as I’ve tried this on a running instance, but it looks good so far after a couple of hours of syncing etc. Cheers @kyrofa!

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What a brave soul you are! Thanks for trying it out, @mcphail :slight_smile: .

Heh. Snaps are “magic”, aren’t they? What could possibly go wrong?

Hey just weighing in here. Update from 12 to 13 went smoothly.

Prior to update, I ran:
snap info nextcloud

which returned:
tracking: 12/edge
refreshed: 2018-06-03T16:26:47-04:00
installed: 12-2018-06-03 (7367) 199MB -

Then I ran:
snap refresh nextcloud --channel=13/stable

which took may be a minute and returned:
nextcloud (13/stable) 13.0.2snap1 from ‘nextcloud’ refreshed

So far, looks and works normally. Amazing.

Thanks for all the good work!

Thanks for the feedback, @winstonford! Just FYI, v13 has been released to both latest as well as 13/stable, but if you stay on the latter, you won’t update to v14. Is that what you want? If you want to stay on the latest version (v14… v15), you can refresh back to just stable: sudo snap refresh --stable nextcloud

Yes man! Thanks for the info. Not clear on what latest means… My understanding of latest is nightly builds, aka bleeding edge. Perhaps that’s not the case here. I am looking to stay up to date, but stable rather than bleeding edge. What do you recommend?

I suggest using the “latest stable release” which is in the stable branch. In other words, run the sudo snap refresh --stable nextcloud command above. That won’t be nightly (that’s edge), but the latest stable version which is currently 13.0.2.

Done. Thanks kyrofa!

For anyone following, I did:

root@epi:~# snap refresh --stable nextcloud

and it returned:

nextcloud 13.0.2snap1 from ‘nextcloud’ refreshed

almost instantly.

Hello. I originally installed the Nextcloud snap back in April this year, in a VM. I used the command:

sudo snap install nextcloud --channel=13/candidate

In order to update it to the latest ver. 13 stable snap, first I made a VM snapshot, then I ran:

sudo snap refresh --stable nextcloud

…which seems to have worked beautifully, taking only a few minutes. I’m now updated to “13.0.5snap1”, with no issues yet.

I want to say a big Thank You to all those who worked on this snap, and I’m glad the Nextcloud installation and upgrade was made so easy by it. I encountered no issues to speak of!


there is already 15 version, will it run over update?

Yes, we’re still trying to fix some issues, but if you’re on the stable channel you’ll receive updates as they’re released.

Thank you very much for your effort