Call for testing: network-manager 1.10


We have been working for a while in a new network-manager snap based on upstream version 1.10, and with Ubuntu Core 18 base. This work is now quite mature, but we would like to do more testing before releasing to the stable channel.

If you want to give it a try, you can install the current release in beta with:

snap install --channel=1.10/beta network-manager

Please let us know how it works for you.


The 1.10 release of NM is 1 year old. For Cosmic and Disco users it would be a version downgrade. Is there a reason you aren’t shipping something more up to date?

I thought snap will bring newer software to older systems, not older software to newer systems.

The snap uses Ubuntu Core 18 as base, which is based on bionic, which uses NM 1.10. The main purpose of the snap is to be used jointly with Ubuntu Core, and the official system snaps we use in that case are in sync with the distro series so we benefit from the security updates during the lifetime of the LTS series.

But it is of course possible to ship a newer NM in your own snap if you wish - you can use the snapcraft.yaml in as base.

We have released today network-manager 1.10 into the stable channel. Current revisions are:

amd64 412
armhf 417
arm64 416