Call for testing: MusicBrainz Picard

Hey everyone.

MusicBrainz Picard v1.4.2 snap is now in the beta channel for amd64 arch:

$ sudo snap install picard --channel=beta

If you’re a user of the application or even if you just want to poke at it, I’d love some help putting it through its paces! Please let me know if you run into any issues.


OK, the name issue is solved! Please test it and notify any issue!

You should use gnome-3-24-platform for your gtk apps. It will make the package much smaller and the app will use the desktop theme too.

Hey @jzimm! Any tips on using the gnome-3-24-platform?

I’ve seen that some apps are already using it:

But it seems to me that it’s not ready yet to be used by snaps not made by canonical, am I wrong?

I’m using it in a couple of my snaps. It’s pretty good except that the interface doesn’t connect automatically upon installation, which is annoying, but otherwise I think it’s the way to go.

Does that mean “it will use whatever theme the user has defined” or does that mean “it will use whatever theme is set as long as it’s a theme that Ubuntu includes OOTB” annoying the heck out of non ubuntu users because their chosen theme doesn’t work and they don’t have the Ubuntu themes installed to select one of those?

Any theme included in the gnome-3-24 snap (e.g. adwaita, dark etc.)

Any example that you can share?

I’m far from being an expert on this, but you can check out this one:

It works well and is based on an example of using that stuff that I found.

I just fell from the tree now: this is not a gtk app:

OK, uploaded a new build with grade: stable and put it in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install picard --channel=candidate

If not problems are found I think that we should move it to stable channel in a week or so.

I’ve moved picard to the stable channel:

$ sudo snap install picard