Call for testing Musescore 2.3.1

Hey everyone.

MuseScore 2.3.1 snap is now in the candidate channel for amd64 & i386 archs:

sudo snap install musescore --channel=candidate


sudo snap refresh musescore --channel=candidate

Some interfaces need to be connected manually:

sudo snap connect musescore:cups-control
sudo snap connect musescore:network-manager
sudo snap connect musescore:alsa

But most of the application functionality works without them.

If you’re a user of the application or even if you just want to poke at it, I’d love some help putting it through its paces! Please let me know if you run into any issues.

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Updated the snap to 2.3.1 too:

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2.3.1 on 16.04
is it me or it looks the UI is for ants? tiny widgets in toolbar, my resolution is 1080p

Thanks for testing it! Is it working alright with version 2.2.1?

it’s the same in version 2.2.1

I’m not sure about the problem then…

2.3.1 promoted to stable channel!