Call for testing: mesa-core22 (23.0.4 major version update)

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The candidate track of the mesa-core22 snap has been updated to Mesa 23.0.4 following a backport to Ubuntu 22.04. It’s a major release upgrade, but it’s been in Ubuntu for a couple months now.

snap version
mesa-core22 23.0.4

The snaps using this include:

You may be using mesa-core22 indirectly as it is a content snap, not an application. To check run the following command will list any snaps using it:

snap connections mesa-core22

To test, just switch to the beta channel. For example:

snap refresh --channel candidate mesa-core22

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to stable in a week.

How can we test this, if you kindly give an example?


Then, test any of the plug-side apps that snap connections mesa-core22 gave you, here’s example output:

$ snap connections mesa-core22
Interface                 Plug                                Slot                         Notes
content[graphics-core22]  mir-test-tools:graphics-core22      mesa-core22:graphics-core22  -
content[graphics-core22]  ubuntu-frame:graphics-core22        mesa-core22:graphics-core22  -

Thanks, will test and report you. Thanks for your efforts. :heart:

mesa-core22 23.0.4 is now in the stable channel.

Thanks for all the feedback.