Call for testing: mesa-core20 version 21.2.6

mesa-core20 candidate has been updated to a more recent release of Mesa. This snap provides Mesa to a range of IoT graphics snaps including Ubuntu Frame.

You may be using mesa-core20 indirectly as it is a content snap, not an application. To check run the following command will list any snaps using it:

snap connections mesa-core20

Note: updating mesa-core20 can cause problems with snaps that include and use a buggy libva2 from the Ubuntu archive. An example of this is mir-kiosk-kodi which we have just updated with a fix.

To test, just switch to the candidate channel:

 snap refresh --candidate mesa-core20

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to stable in a week.

@tobias, I suspect this is going to affect wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk:

$ find /snap/wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk/ -name libva*

That ( looks like the buggy version in the Ubuntu archive.


Or maybe not…

$ find /snap/wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk/current/ -name*

mesa-core20 21.2.6 is now available on stable

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