Call for testing: mdBook

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a snap for mdBook - a utility to create modern online books from Markdown files. It’s available on the Snap Store - you can download and install it by typing:

sudo snap install mdbook

Here’s the repository of this snap, if you want to check it:

I’d like to ask you to test this snap a bit. Try to use all subcommands, especially watch and serve. The instructions on how to use this utility can be found on GitHub. To give an example:

  • Firstly, initialize the directory: mdbook init.
  • Then, run mdbook serve and navigate to http://localhost:3000.
  • Leave the tool in the serve mode and try to modify markdown files in src directory.
  • Refresh the page and check if it has been updated.

If you encourage any problem (app crash, etc.), please describe it in this topic, providing as many details as possible. I’d be thankful for any reports! :slight_smile:

Please note that I’m not the author of this tool. The original repository can be found here.


This is a great tool, thanks @konrad11901!
It works for me with no issues so far.

I have been playing with it. have not yet found any issues thus far. A way better way to get it installed. Looking good so far.

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