Call for testing: MarkText snap v1.7.0

Hey there Snapcrafters! New member of the group looking to get this snap package to Snapcrafters status:

MarkText is a very popular (30k+ stars on GitHub) markdown editor that provides both visual and source code editing modes. It is a great application for if you are a blogger, write extensive documentation, or just want easy markdown styling in your documents. It also has the ability to export markdown documents to PDFs that adhere to GitHub’s markdown styling rather than being butchered by LaTeX.

You can use the following command to install the beta snap from the Snap Store:

sudo snap install marktext --beta

If you encounter any issues in your travels with MarkText, please feel free to report it here or on the snap package repository!

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The MarkText snap has been promoted to stable out of beta.

If you encounter any issues in your travels with the stable release, please report them at