Call for testing: Markdownlint

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a snap for markdownlint, a tool to check markdown files and flag style issues. It’s available on the Snap Store - you can install it by typing:

sudo snap install mdl

You can take a look at the snap repository if you want to do so:

I’d like to ask you to test this snap against some markdown files. Depending on the file location, there are two possible scenarios.

The first one occurs when the markdown file is located in home directory or on removable media - in this case try to run:

mdl <file>

If the file is located in other place, type:

cat <file> | mdl

If you encourage any problem (app crash, etc.), please describe it in this topic, providing as many details as possible. I’d be thankful for any reports! :slight_smile:

Please remember that I’m not a creator of this tool. The original repository can be found here.

lovely tool! Thanks @konrad11901.

If tested it with snapcraft and it works fine:

$ mdl ../../canonical/snapcraft/ 
../../canonical/snapcraft/ MD013 Line length
../../canonical/snapcraft/ MD013 Line length