Call for testing: make8bitart


This is one of the first things I tried to snap a long time ago. But now, with @davidcalle’s tutorial to make a snap from a website using electron, it looks a lot nicer than before.

I hope many people will enjoy it :slight_smile: But for that, we need first to check that it works as expected. Please, help me testing it:

sudo snap install make8bitart --beta

Here is the repo:

pura vida


I downloaded the snap, @elopio

Then I couldn’t import anything to the program, in terms of a png.

But as I have a large screen, so I put my browser and the program side-by-side and started doodle-ing.

So here is the pixabay image that my friend told me to have a look at.

And so I tried to make a copy.

And here is the result.

Note that this is under creative commons v3 license.

Also I could not right-click the web-link, to copy it.

I cannot sign into github as I do not have access to my password - so @elopio

you’ll have to file a bug for the fact the web-link is not right clickable.

Thank-you for the first web-integrated snap that I could actually use.

It kinda reminds me of a Declan O’Rourke song.

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Thanks for the report.

You are not supposed to import pngs, what you can import are pxon files.

Some links don’t work, and that’s weird, because some others do work. I can’t find the difference.

And about enabling right click on links, looking at this electron module, it seems it is something we should add. @davidcalle, do you think the tutorial should mention something about context menu, or maybe even include this module?


@elopio had a quick look, but it seems they closed this issue (for windows).

also - you didn’t click on any of my Links :frowning: