Call for testing: Mailspring

snap desktop files go into /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/

(and that path is added to the systems search path for .desktop files usually)

If it doesn’t then there’s a bug which needs reporting.

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Hi, the app is really nice but a few problems here.

First, there is no icon for the snap on my side. Also, there seems to be several random visual artifacts every time I view a mail. For example,

When running I always get the error Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" even after installing libcanberra-gtk-module but not really sure if that’s the cause of the problems.

I’m on Kubuntu and the snap link here failed to be recognised.
Installing the .deb worked OK. But Mailspring fails to start with the password management error described here: but the suggested libsecret is unknown in Discovery. I’m unsure about installing random stuff. The other email clients don’t need that.

The deb package works fine for me, however.

Just had an interesting bug, which I’m not sure how to confirm. During the application startup, there was a notification window with a progress bar with a message about “email database optimization,” which was all well and good. However, the shell was blocking all inputs, window updates, effectively everything but cursor redraws intermittently for seconds at a time.

On 17.10, GNOME3, X11 session.

After several weeks of usage on Kubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 everything works fine so far.


Found some issues now:

I cannot access files from mounted directories (mounted in /mnt). Getting the error: “permission denied”.
Is a plug missing here?

Furthermore, when I select multiple attachments nothing happens. Selecting a single attachment works.

I cannot access files from mounted directories (mounted in /mnt)
… when I select multiple attachments nothing happens

Just testing myself, multiple files work fine for me and media mounted off /media/$USER works fine (with :removable-media registered for mailspring, I don’t remember manually connecting it). Maybe some more system specifics? I’m on 17.10, core_4017 and mailspring_1.1.4_180.

Thanks for testing Andy!

Its a sshfs mount and I am also using the edge channel.
Multiple files work on 17.10 but not on 16.04.

Accessing the sshfs mount does not work on both.


No, there are no plugs that handle files under /mnt. We have a removable-media interface that when connected allows access to files in /media. If you change your mountpoint to be under /media, it will work. Alternatively you can bind mount from /mnt to /media for now. Lastly you can wait for the desktop portals work to land (hopefully 2.32) which will allow modern toolkits to use the portals file chooser instead of the traditional file chooser such that the snap won’t need access to the files/directories that the user chooses; instead the portals/snapd system will work together to put the selected content into an area the snap has access to.

Ah thanks for the clarification! 2.32 is scheduled for March so I think I’ll survive until then :slight_smile: Installing the git version of snap (read its already in master) seem not be trivial so I just need to patient and hope that @zyga-snapd has time to put it in v2.32 :blush:

I’m working on that heavily and I still hope to land the last blocker (mount validation) today.

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After installation of Mailspring on Ubuntu 19.10 and configuring one of my two Yahoo accounts I receive the following error message:
Allow snap “mailspring” to open file “/run/user/1000/snap.mailspring/120129-16361-1ps6wxn.z80k.log”?

file:///run/user/1000/snap.mailspring/120129-16361-nroagm.wcnh.log and others that are created automatically into the snap.mailspring directory.

Is there a fix to this? This error should be corrected within Ubuntu or rather should be corrected fixing the ATT/Yahoo mail parameters?


I have been using the mailspring snap for at least a month now, most everything works for me, however the file selection dialog when attempting to attach a file ( or save an attacthment as I think ), it unusable. I am attaching a screenshot.

snap version snap 2.51.3-2 snapd 2.51.3-2 series 16 manjaro - kernel 5.10.70-1-MANJARO