Call for testing: LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine

I would like to announce a call of testing for the love snap. LÖVE is an awesome framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It’s free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

How to install

Get it from the Snap Store

or, in a terminal:

# Install the snap
sudo snap install love-brlin

# Allow the application to access game files under /media or /mnt
sudo snap connect love-brlin:removable-media

# Launch the application

What to test

  • Can you properly launch the application?
  • Can you properly use it to run your game without problems?
  • Do you notice any problems during running the application?

How to contribute

Here’s the project of the snap:

@keshavnrj I’m aware of the love2d snap you’ve previously created and would like to ask if you could cooperate on this one instead?

I’m currently requesting the love name space and will migrate to it as soon as possible.

I worry deeply about having these namespaced snaps like love2d-brlin in the store. If you get the love or love2d names, what will happen to users who have these namespaced snaps installed?

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love is official namespace for love2d, i so when i created my test love2d snap i named my snap love2d not love. If official snap of love2d comes and they ask me to remove snap created by me i will do that. :blush:

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@Lin-Buo-Ren I think it would be cool if the UE4 game engine and the launcher (need work with the EPIC Games) make snap packages.
They wrote on the forum that supporting all distributions and their dependencies is hard.

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I’ll make an obsoletion update that will inform the users to install the new snap and unlist it in the store, it should be as simple as a fake game that prints a message on the screen.

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hey if i will unpublish my love2d snap will it make love2d namespace free? so other can use it ?

Hah! That’s a novel idea! :smiley:

It would need to be transferred. The store team can do that if you post in the store category here.

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BTW here’s the result:

and the commit that enables it.

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