Call for testing: logseq

Hi! I’ve recently started using Logseq, found it very interesting and also quite disappointed that a snap was missing. So, there it is:

I’ve been using my snapped version for a few days now and the features I normally use don’t present any problems. Being a big application, it would be very helpful to get some other feedback before promoting it to stable.

I’m still having some problems building it via remote-build (proxy-related issues) but the application itself can be already tested.



So far works nice, just tested swapping dark/light mode. Is there something specific to test?

Great initiative on creating a snap for Logseq! To gather feedback, consider sharing it in developer and user communities related to Logseq, such as forums, Reddit, or Discord channels. Additionally, you could ask for feedback on social media platforms where tech enthusiasts and Logseq users are active. This will help you identify any issues before promoting the snap to stable.

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