Call for testing: kurly

Hello everyone,
I have created a snap for kurly an alternative to the widely popular curl program, written in Golang. The source code is on github if you want to give it a try:

sudo snap install --edge kurly

here are some examples on how to use it.

Any feedback is welcome.




I’ve been testing it, and it works very well. I think 7 days of call for testing is enough to move it to stable :smiley:

Now that you are the maintainer and the snapcraft.yaml is upstream, a good trick is to set up the continuous delivery in launchpad:

That way, every time that there’s a change in master, you will get a new snap in edge without any work. The setup is a little messy, but in the end it’s just a mirror of the upstream github repo that syncs automatically.

Nice work here @letozaf! I’m eager to see your next snap.


Thanks Leo, I will do as you say.

Hi Leo,
If you have time to take a look at what I done, just in case I done something wrong or you have suggestions for me:


It looks good to me. The only thing that I would change is to release to edge, instead of stable.

You can change on the snap:

version: git

and then suggest upstream to use annotated git tags for releases:

That way, the version of the snap will be the same as the version of the tag, automatically. When there’s a new stable upstream version, you will get an email saying that it was released to edge. You can test there, and move it manually to stable.

This project is small, and it’s probably save to release directly to stable. But I’m just mentioning here the good practices I try to follow, feel free to ignore them :smiley:

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Thanks for your suggestions, Leo, they are precious and I will follow them for sure.