Call for testing: KDE snaps on core20

I’m updating the KDE snaps and would like to ask for some testing.

Please install these from --candidate and let me know how they get on:

  • kblocks
  • labplot
  • okular

More to come.

You can also ping me for chat in Matrix room

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I tested these, and they all work fine!

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Things to test - open a PDF from a USB disk in Okular
Beat the computer at tetris in KBlocks and check if it plays sound
Make a pretty graph in Labplot

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$ sudo snap install kblocks --candidate
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Ensure prerequisites for "kblocks" are available (cannot install prerequisite "kde-frameworks-5-qt-5-15-core20": no snap revision available as specified)

Just encountered this issue while trying to install the snap, Igor kindly told me I have to install the kde-frameworks-5-qt-5-15-core20 snap from candidate channel as well.

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  • The file open dialog defaults to the snap’s home directory, not the user’s
  • CJKV input method not working (IBus)

KBlocks launchs properly but with no sound at my end.

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labplot has no icon for me and the desktop file seems wonky: A “Desktop file didn’t specify Exec field” error displays when launching from Gnome. It launches fine from a terminal.

Once I got kblocks installed with @Lin-Buo-Ren’s instructions, happy to only see one entry for it (with the icon!) in GNOME Shell’s application launcher!

I am also not getting any sound.

And the mouse cursor seems to be unstyled. I have a hi-dpi laptop, so I increase the cursor size, but in kblocks it’s tiny, and it doesn’t appear to follow the theme. I tried the Ubuntu-default yaru and the GNOME-default adwaita cursor themes. (FWIW I’ve noticed this with some other Qt snap apps, such as VLC, although others, such as KeePassXC and Picard have it working. Picard does use an older kde-framework- snap IIRC.)

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