Call for testing: icdiff 1.9.4-1


icdiff is an “improved colored diff”, it’s a side-by-side diff that uses colour.

The snap also includes support for running under git, so you can do git icdiff.

More info on the author’s github.

This release, currently in candidate, is the first release of the snap that supports git, and thus is quite a bit more complex than the one in stable (it’s arch-dependent, as it now includes some compiled code, and can read ~/.gitconfig and ~/.git/config/git).

How to install

snap install --candidate icdiff

What to test

icdiff itself should work, e.g.

icdiff <( echo hi ) <( echo bye )

as well git icdiff – and the latter should be able to pick up your git configuration including icdiff.options and your preferred pager.

Note only git-icdiff is architecture-dependent, so please make sure you test that.

Requested setups

Help me test different architectures! Some of them are hard to find:

arch OK?
amd64 :ballot_box_with_check:
i386 :ballot_box_with_check:

my architecture is amd64 and it works fine

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Thanks for packaging this! I’ve done some superficial testing on armhf on a raspberry pi running raspbian, and didn’t see any problems. I look forward to testing this further.