Call for testing: hiri

Hi all,

We just packaged Hiri as a snap and we’re hoping to get some people to test it. Hiri is an email client with tasks and calendar for Exchange/O365 but works with accounts too. It’s written in Python and PyQt/Qt. It’s a paid app but comes with a two week trial.

You can get it with:

sudo snap install hiri --beta

You may need to connect some slots so have a look at snap interfaces when you install it. For example, home interface is required to be able to attach/download files to your $HOME folder:

sudo snap connect hiri:home core:home

To be able to open links in emails you’ll need to install snapd-xdg-open:

sudo apt-get install snapd-xdg-open

When you’ve installed it, type hiri to run it, or use the desktop launcher.

You’ll need an or Exchange/O365 account. You can open a free email account here.

We’d like to test the following:

  • if the app starts without problems and on which distros
  • does the desktop launcher work
  • do the emails show when you open them
  • can you download/upload attachments
  • can you open links in emails.

Feel free to post any comments/questions/suggestions here.

Thanks a for all your help!


Nice work @pop!

I’ve scheduled this to go out on all our social networks to get more testers.

Thanks very much @elopio!

I’ve been testing hiri today. Two issues:-

  • The icon in the launcher isn’t a hiri icon, but it is in the dash.

  • After some time the application has frozen. It’s greyed out like it’s unresponsive. I had it on the dashboard view.

Is there some logging I can get for you?