Call for testing: GNU nano (UNOFFICIAL) (strict confinement) 8.0

I would like to announce a call for testing for the (8.0 version of the) unofficial, strict confinement variant GNU nano snap. GNU nano is a small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico.

Notable changes

  • Upgrade to the current upstream release
  • Migrate to Core 22
  • Upgrade snap enablement dependencies
  • Fix broken dialog component I18N
  • Reduce snap size by dropping unused files in runtime

How to install

Get it from the Snap Store

or, in a terminal:

sudo snap install nano-strict

How to launch the application

Launch the application by running the following command:


You may create a command alias using the upstream name nano by running the following command:

snap alias nano-strict nano

however, the command alias will not work if the native packaging of GNU nano is installed, to make it effective you’ll have to remove it in the first place:

sudo apt remove nano

# Refresh bash's command cache
hash -r

What to test

  • Can you properly launch the application?
  • Does the syntax highlighting of your editing document works?
  • (Other things you want to test.)
  • Do you notice any other problems during running the application?

How to contribute

Here’s the source repository of the snap:

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