Call for testing: gitkraken

I think it can not access without snap being classic.

So back in the day when I added change to copy over ssh environment to snap home dir but that was only working because host os had partial snap confinement.

Yeah, I may just stick with the regular package then to avoid having functionality reduced.

Thank you.

Hi @mmtrt ,
Can you confirm gitkraken is not working with wayland?
Just installed it and it wont start. Tested It on my main power-rig and it fires right up which uses proprietary Nvidia drivers and x11 instead of wayland. Problem is, a lot of big distros ship with wayland, if it’s really the case maybe it’s worth the effort to fix it.
Here is my Thread about it: Threadlink .
A fix would be really appreciated! It’s an awesome Tool!!!

it should actually set:

  command: ....

in its snapcraft.yaml to make sure it falls back to XWayland

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The gitkraken snap is owned by upstream now. Therefore @mmtrt isn’t the right person to ask for support. See the gitkraken support link in the snap information:

$ snap info gitkraken
name:      gitkraken
summary:   For repo management, in-app code editing & issue tracking.
publisher: gitkraken✓
license:   Proprietary
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@lucyllewy Problem is they don’t answer to non “pro” users :confused: sad. But thanks for information!!

This was the support answer:

Due to the volume of support requests we get, we only guarantee responses to our Pro users. Please know we value your feedback, and we do our best to review it all!

@ogra I don’t have knowledge about snap creating but that should set that the snap tells the environment not to use wayland right?

exactly … you can propose it as a fix to the guys …

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I would try, if they just let me :sweat_smile: