Call for Testing - Gimp 2.10.28

I’ve built and released-to-edge GIMP 2.10.28. A quick smoke test shows that it launches. Can someone give it a poke for me over the weekend with a view to releasing to stable (I’m out all weekend so can’t test myself till Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday)?

Hi, I’d test it if :

⋅ .xcf thumbnails are now available for other app’s ( nemo, nautilus… )
⋅ it allows to use plugins that need /tmp folder,
⋅ it launches online help,
⋅ scanner can be used,
⋅ usb-thumbs or external HD appear in the left pane of gtk-file-chooser.

Has there been any improvements on those ?

you mean a simple

sudo snap refresh --edge gimp
snap run gimp
sudo snap refresh --stable gimp

is too had for you to test these bits yourself ?

Is it too hard to answer the questions ?

If it’s known there had been no improvements in those mentioned areas, I don’t test it.

well, if you read the original post you can see you will earliest get an answer on monday.

you obviously do know what you are looking for and how to test these things (since you always complain about them in various forums when snaps are discussed) …

some of these bits and why they can not work have been explained to you multiple times (i.e. xcf thumbnails) , yet you are insisting with a foot stomp “i will not test if these are not fixed” …

it takes less than 10min to do a basic test yourself, probably less than it took you writing the above … how about being a bit more constructive, do the test and then point out what not works since you seem to have a particular interest in all of them …

It took about 5 minutes to download.

Launches quickly.

usb-thumb appears in left pane of file-chooser.

removable-media interface is not connected by default.

Online help gives an error message
Impossible d’ouvrir « » en lecture : An AppArmor policy prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient; type="method_call", sender=":1.146" (uid=1000 pid=2652190 comm="/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/help/help -gimp 16 15 -" label="snap.gimp.gimp (enforce)") interface="org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" member="GetConnection" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.88" (uid=1000 pid=33158 comm="/usr/libexec/gvfsd-http --spawner :1.8 /org/gtk/gv" label="unconfined")

I’ll try to look at the other things before monday.

It’s not complaining : it’s expecting gimp-snap to work as good as it works in .deb
As long as it’s not true, it wastes my working time.

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.xcf thumbnails generated by gimp-snap can’t be seen outside of the gimp-snap file-chooser.

I know why, you indeed explained the mechanics behind. Hence my ugly workaround about it :

/home/django/.cache/thumbnails/	/home/django/snap/gimp/common/.cache/thumbnails/	none	bind

in /etc/fstab. You’ll agree it’s just an ugly workaround ( and I did not test that right now to keep things « out of the box » ).

You sound to mean it’s not snap’ fault although it’s a flaw brought by using gimp as a snap : by safety design it won’t write the thumbnails into ~/.cache/thumbnails but by user’s point of view, when dealing hours a day with pictures in any kind of types of files, it’s a real pain to « lose » .xcf thumbnails in regular files explorer.

I did not look at it very deep ( in this newer version of gimp-snap ) but I still can’t find all my fonts in gimp-snap. Most of my fonts are stored in ~/.fonts

By the way, testing an app’ requires more than 10 minutes :wink: and here I only do testing at home, not in my professional context ( multi-users, many machines with shared data ).

Is it normal I’m not able to launch side by side gimp-snap + gimp-deb ?

You may think I’m a bad willing user - but really no, I just don’t understand why the new thing is not as good as the old thing. Hence I keep using the « old things » in my professional context. And I am not a dev’ as you know.

Gimp itself seems to work as expected - but it was quick testings.

Is there a particular point about 2.10.28 that should be carefully watched ?

Specifically, that nothing is broken that was previously working in the snap - i.e. the snap works at least as well as it did in the previous release.

I’d say gimp itself works as expected so far - but it’s not in a context as heavy as in my work place…
The problems I have with Gimp don’t come from Gimp itself but from the fact it’s Gimp-as-a-Snap.
⋅ thumbnails,
⋅ /tmp folder ( damn, I did not test that point yet )
⋅ online help,
⋅ scanner,
⋅ fonts
⋅ removable devices in pane of gtk-file-chooser ( seems ok now ).

If of any interest : ‘cause I guess Gimp is not the only app’ that directly generates thumbnails for its files.

I’ve heard the safety concern. But users need thumbnails. Safety should not remove expected abilities.