Call for Testing: GenoPro

I need help testing the GenoPro snap, please!

Although it’s a paid application, if you don’t have a license key you can either evaluate the app without a registration key (which will limit you to 25 people per document) or request a free evaluation key (though you will be asked to give your email address for that - see image below). Anyone who happens to own a license for GenoPro is especially encouraged to test

Registration Wizard

Test plan:

  • [ ] Open GenoPro
  • [ ] Go through registration wizard (please let me know which selection you made on the first page)
    • [ ] Evaluate without a registration key
    • [ ] Free evaluation key
    • [ ] Free academic evaluation key
    • [ ] Enter a registration key
    • [ ] Lost registration key
    • [ ] Other (replace this text with what you tried)
  • [ ] Create, import, or open a genogram
    There are several ways to do this:
    • Create a genogram using the interface
    • Open a sample file from the Help menu
    • Open an existing GenoPro, GEDCOM, or GEDCOM X file from your home directory
    • Import an entire GEDCOM file or a section thereof from your home directory
  • [ ] Export file to at least one other format and check correctness
  • [ ] Save a file and open it in a new session of GenoPro
  • [ ] Try any other features and report as needed

If you have a GenoPro account, please:

  • [ ] Open an online backup or inbox item
  • [ ] Use the “Send” feature to send a genogram (feel free to send to if you need a sample address)

I’ve already filed 3 issues myself, but I don’t believe these are necessarily stoppers for an initial release, as they are related to features I believe the vast majority of users do not use.

Thanks in advance for helping!

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As I’ve fixed 2.5 bugs found (and decided the other half of the other bug is not a showstopper), I’ve made a push to stable. Feedback is still welcome here or on GitHub.