Call for testing: Franz

Franz is a messaging app for WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, HipChat, Hangouts and many many more.

See for more information.

Install via snap install pats-franz --edge.

I did a quick test. It installs fine, I’ve created a free account and set up my gmail account. All appears to be working, great job!

One minor issue I noticed is a missing systray icon (in KDE) - I’m not sure what needs to be done for this to work, perhaps desktop people can clarify (fwtw skype snap has a systray icon, so perhaps you can inspect their snap or some other snap for inspiration).

One other issue is the size of the snap - 1.5G uncompressed, feels heavy and takes a good while to download. I had a quick look at it and it seems you can at the very least get rid of /out (some leftovers, 340+MB alone!), include, usr/include, share/man, parts of usr/share.

Again, good job, thanks for your contribution!

Thanks for making this @pat-s. I’d recommend considering registering ‘franz’ rather than ‘pats-franz’, and talk to upstream about getting this built officially.

Also, as @pstolowski points out, this is huge, and it’s clear why. Your snap contains a lot of stuff it didn’t need, like the deb and appimage of the app which were likely built at the same time :slight_smile: A simple mistake, easily fixed no doubt.

Other than that, it works fine here on 18.04, but I also see no indicator icon.

Thanks guys!

Right, these files should be removed.

I did not choose the direct name as this should be used after integration into the official repo. Will delete my snap after this is done. So pats-franz is only for testing.

Regarding the tray icon: You’re right, I have to look into this.

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@popey @pstolowski It doesn’t turn out to be as easy as I thought.

I thought I can just use filesets to exclude files after including the folder but the following command has no effect for me:

      out: [out/, -out/franz_5.0.0-beta.15_amd64.deb, -out/franz-5.0.0-beta.15-x86_64.AppImage, -out/franz-5.0.0-beta.15.tar.gz, -include/*, -usr/include/*, -share/man/*]
      lib: [lib/, -lib/node_modules/*] 

The inclusion works but not the exclusion. According to the documentation this should work?

How exactly are you building Franz snap? How could I reproduce what you have?

You can see the repo and the YAML file here:
Thanks for the help!

Ah, I see the issue. You’re using snapcraft, but actually the project uses electron-builder and so will generate a yaml and call snapcraft as part of the build anyway. So simply running yarn build on a system with snapcraft installed should result in yarn building a deb, an appimage and a snap. The snap can then be installed or uploaded to the store. Currently what you’re doing is running electron builder which is calling snapcraft to make a snap, then you’re running snapcraft again to incorporate the results, which is less efficient.

Hm, I see the issue of building the appimage and deb twice but did not know where it came from.

In any case, the actual question is still open: Why does filesets not honor the file removal I specified? :confused:

Whatever happened to this one? I can’t see it under snap search franz