Call for testing: fades 8.1


fades is a system that automatically handles Python virtualenvs in the cases normally found when writing scripts and simple programs, and even helps to administer big projects.

sudo snap install fades

fades will automagically create a new virtualenv (or reuse a previous created one), installing the necessary dependencies, and execute your script inside that virtualenv, with the only requirement of executing the script with fades and also marking the required dependencies.

(If you don’t have a clue why this is necessary or useful, I’d recommend you to read this small text about Python and the Management of Dependencies)

What’s new in this release?

  • Automatically execute scripts from the web, supporting most common pastebins

  • Multiple (and missing) requirement.txt file support, which can now be nested

  • Avoid checking package availability if no PyPI dependencies indicated

  • Add an option to show the virtualenv path in the system

  • Better error/help on missing indicated script or executable from dependency

  • Improved logs, PyPI urls, documentation, multiplatform support, and several other small fixes/enhancements

Check the full documentation here (for developers, the project is here).