Call for testing: egmde 143-mir2.4.0-snap185

egmde is a simple example of a Wayland based desktop environment built with Mir. It should be usable for most tasks but isn’t a polished product.

There’s a new build of the egmde snap based on the latest release of Mir (Mir-2.4.0) detailed here:

In addition to the many improvements to Mir’s support for desktop scenarios there are a bunch of improvements to the egmde snap.

The revised approach to configuration generates a default ~/.config/egmde.config file a follow:

$ cat ~/.config/egmde.config 
# Configuration file for egmde
# ============================ 
# The following entries may be edited (or commented in or out) to adjust the
# desktop environment. If they are removed, then defaults will be 
# automatically restored.

# Color used by the default egmde background

# Color used by the default egmde background

# Setup support for X11 apps (comment out to disable)

# Path to the Xwayland binary

# Uncomment this to enable workspaces
# no-of-workspaces=4

# Adds the snapped swaybg and waybar to the desktop environment

# Uncomment this to set a background image for swaybg.launcher
# swaybg.image=/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png

Most of these entries are self-explanatory and can be edited. One word of warning, if you simply delete an entry it will be reinstated: comment it out if not wanted.

To test, just install (or switch to) the candidate channel:

 snap install --candidate --classic egmde

You can select egmde when you sign in, or run egmde in a window on your desktop.

Please let us know how it works for you here. Or at

Thanks everyone! egmde 143-mir2.4.0-snap185 is now on the stable channel