Call for testing: dillinger


Here’s one more snap to test the tutorial to snap a website. This one is a very nice markdown editor, and it’s called dillinger:

Install it with snap install dillinger --beta and let us know what do you think about it.

Here is the repo:
It has a small twist with respect to the tutorial, because it uses the prepare keyword to download electron, instead of putting it manually in the repo. It might be nice to do the same for all the electron website snaps.

pura vida

I tried it out tonight on a Fedora 27 system. When run from term I get the following error 2018/01/27 00:07:18.716874 cmd_run.go:275: WARNING: XAUTHORITY environment value is not a clean path: “/run/lightdm//xauthority”

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Hey, it works fine here on Ubuntu 17.10. I personally would find it more useful if it would work offline but I don’t know if that’s possible with dillinger.

It is possible, but the snap would get more complicated. What I wanted to try here was precisely packaging a website, so it’s discoverable from the store.

If we get more people on board to maintain this in snapcrafters, we could make the change.

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