Call for testing: dev-time-cli

This is used to show the time of users in Github or Ubuntu
Use commond $ dev-time

How to install

sudo snap install dev-time-cli --channel=beta

Type $ dev-time to show the typed users time…
Time user show be in Ubuntu or Git hub
There are examples in the above picture

The above are results of the snap…

Hi Daniel,

I gave this a try but it’s not working:

$ sudo snap install dev-time-cli --beta
dev-time-cli (beta) 2.0 from 'daniellivingston' installed
/snap/dev-time-cli/8/command-dev-time.wrapper: 6: exec: dev-time: not found

Binary names (dev-time) which are not the same as your snap name (dev-time-cli) are prefixed by your snap name. You can request an alias be set up (“Requesting aliases”) such that “dev-time” without prefix works.