Call for Testing: Caniuse for front-end devs!

Hey there! I’ve created a snap for Caniuse command line version. Caniuse is a tool, provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers. Originally it is a web page, however, i think that command line version is more useful and dynamic -although less cute-. Install it typing:

~$ sudo snap install caniuse

Done, now you can use it!
A quick example, it would be:

~$ caniuse websockets
Web Sockets :heavy_check_mark: 85.22% ◒ 1.35% [W3C Candidate Recommendation] Bidirectional communication technology for web apps #JSAPI IE ✘ 5.5+ :heavy_check_mark: 10+ Firefox ✘ 2+ ◒ 4+¹ ◒ 6+ᵖ² :heavy_check_mark: 11+ Chrome ◒ 4+¹ ◒ 15+² :heavy_check_mark: 16+ Safari ✘ 3.1+ ◒ 5+¹ ◒ 6+² :heavy_check_mark: 7+ Opera ✘ 9+ ◒ 11+¹ :heavy_check_mark: 12.1+
¹Partial support refers to the websockets implementation using an older version of the protocol and/or the implementation being disabled by default (due to security issues with the older protocol). ²Partial support refers to lacking support for binary data.

You can check out the original repo (propery of Sgentle) and the README here.

If you have any problem, let me know it!!


Hi @popey and @Wimpress !! Can you check out this please? :slight_smile: And, fork my repository on Github-Snapcrafters?


This looks great @davidrzzc! But the repository you linked doesn’t have the snapcraft.yaml, nor the snapcrafters readme. Maybe you linked to the wrong address?

Sorry @elopio, my mistake:
This is my Snap repository of Caniuse