Call for testing: C&C Tiberian Sun


  • This snap uses the base of TrackMania Nations Forever Wine snap with more handful of other functions added and removed also some more hacky dark magic in the snap.


snap install cnctsun
snap connect cnctsun:process-control


  • When Launching this snap be patient & wait it downloads content in background or maybe Installs it.

  • Click ok to all the Winetricks popups ( its quiet annoying plz no )

  • Make sure you select your Resolution [ Your Display’s Current ] and select the Renderer [ GDI ] from Configuration / Settings otherwise game would crash or hang.

  • Online play is not tested so don’t play ranked games on your account then comeback crying I lost all my rank because of your buggy snap /jk


  • Singleplayer game menus animate slowly / laggy on NVIDIA ( other vendors not confirm ).

  • Lan does not work usually crashes though you can play with your friends in online play (it needs .net 3.5 which is kind of broken when installing with winetricks that could improve in future).

Bug Tracker


I had problems with trying to package cncredalert due to something in the snapped wine causing the game program to crash, which doesn’t happen in non-snapped wine, and wine trying then to spawn it’s debugger and hitting the ptrace block.

Yeah just tested Red Alert locally getting same issue game hangs with that ptrace though snap works with devmode.

only skirmish works here, single player/campaign does not work
ubuntu 16.04

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I have wasted so many hours with this game around oh so many years ago. Will see if I find some time over the weekend to try out.

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Most likely you could have clicked no to this when installing the game which skips the auto downloading and install needed files for it.


Though you can install em via Install components in Launcher.

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