Call for testing: C&C Red Alert


  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert is a real-time strategy game and second release in the C&C series, having been released in October of 1996. it is also the first game in the Red Alert sub-series that takes an alternative path/story of the main Command & Conquer series.

  • C&C: Red Alert is set prior to the events in Command & Conquer in an alternative history where the Soviet Union has invaded Eastern Europe and started a new war against the remaining European countries and the United States.

  • When the game was released in 1996 it was praised by fans and critics alike for its intuitive user interface and gameplay that was ahead of its time. New, groundbreaking features introduced with the release of Command & Conquer Red Alert included the ability to queue commands, create and assign multiple units into a single group by a simple drag and select, as well as multiple factions with different strengths and weaknesses. These features have since become standard for the genre.


snap install cncra
snap connect cncra:process-control


  • When Launching this snap be patient & wait it downloads content in background or maybe Installs it.

  • Make sure you select your Resolution [ Your Display’s Current ] from Settings & leave the Renderer as [ Automatic ].

  • Online play is not tested so don’t play ranked games on your account then comeback crying I lost all my rank because of your buggy snap /jk


  • Some times full game install have issues like running Skirmish as well as Singleplayer game (Need users to test this & provide feedback here)

  • Lan does not work usually crashes though you can play with your friends in online play (it needs .net 3.5 which is kind of broken when installing with winetricks that could improve in future).

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