Call for testing - "bottom"

I’m requesting some testing for a new snap called bottom. Bottom is a cross-platform graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface and a multitude of features.

To install: sudo snap install bottom --edge

After installation, run the following commands so the program will run as intended:

sudo snap connect bottom:mount-observe

sudo snap connect bottom:network-control

sudo snap connect bottom:hardware-observe

sudo snap connect bottom:system-observe

sudo snap connect bottom:process-control

To run, type (in terminal): bottom

To quit, type q

To see options: bottom --help

Check out the developer’s site for usage:

So far, I’ve tested it on Solus and Ubuntu Server 20.04.

If anyone has other distros handy, it’d be great to see testing results on those.

Just post your results here and any suggestions you have.

  • What version you’re using (snap version)
  • Logs would be nice - if there are errors detected
  • If you have some output from dmesg when bottom is launched, that’d be great, too

NOTE: I am not the developer for this software - I just snapped it.