Call for testing: backslide

sudo snap install backslide --beta
github repo

Find usage instructions by running command: backslide
This is a snap for backslide
Backslide “CLI tool for making HTML presentations with Remark.js using Markdown
Please test this snap and report me any errors you find.

Given the README docs, it looks like this should have an alias for bs.

Also, it’s strictly confined, but uses no plugs/slots. It should probably at least have the home plug. And since it’s a server, it probably needs the network and network-bind plugs. Hmm… have you tested this?

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I cannot use aliases so please use backslide i added the plugs please test now.

Have you tested it, yet?

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kyrofa, this is snappy-debug log. please help me with this

To install:
sudo snap install backslide --classic --beta
My snap requires classic confinement to work Need Classic Confinement for Backslide Also an alias for bs Alias for backslide

I have tested this(please refer to this video

Hello @omairqazi!

I tried to build the snap with SNAPCRAFT_CONTAINER_BUILDS=local snapcraft, but it failed:

sh: 1: node-pre-gyp: Permission denied

How are you building it?

Hi @elopio Thanks. I successfully build the snap with snapcraft

Please use sudo backslide Also I need an alias. Posted a request in the forum but no one has replied yet
To install:
sudo snap install backslide --beta
But with sudo many commands don’t work EACCES: permission denied, scandir ‘/home/omair/backslide’ it works only with classic

@popey using devmode and release to edge sudo snap install backslide --edge --devmode