Call for testing: Atom 1.21.1


Atom is a hackable text editor for the 21st Century.

How to install

If you already have Atom:

sudo snap refresh atom --edge

If you don’t:

sudo snap install atom --edge

Requested Setups

  • Ubuntu 17.10
  • Anything else

Specific tests

  • Does the app launch?
  • Does it work without snapd-xdg-open?
  • General testing - anyone here use Atom regularly and can use the edge snap to test it?

As comment here, I am getting 3 back-to-back Firefox crash reports everytime I attempt to open a URI (for instance the change log of an Atom package). I can open links in other snap packages such as RocketChat.

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But, as commented, this is not a regression (bug exists in stable too), and I can’t reproduce this bug on 17.04. Can someone else please test for this bug on 17.10?

Upgraded to 17.10, I can reproduce this issue on both Atom and VSCode. VSCode when something with selecting JavaScript in the bottom-right didn’t work and so I clicked on a link which it gave to diagnose the issue.

Clicking on a link in LibreOffice does nothing for me, but links in Discord work fine.

$ snap list
atom                  1.21.1              50    snapcrafters   classic
core                  16-2.28.5           3247  canonical      core
discord               0.0.2               23    snapcrafters   -
libreoffice              21    canonical      -
vscode                1.15.1-1502903936   17    flexiondotorg  classic

$ snap version
snap    2.28.5+17.10
snapd   2.28.5+17.10
series  16
ubuntu  17.10
kernel  4.13.0-16-generic

@wimpress any ideas?

That’s exactly it. Links also work for RocketChat.

Why is your version of vscode so ancient?

@wimpress maintains that snap, not snapcrafters as a whole so I can’t try a PR and a call for testing thread to update it. Also, it’s in the process of being transferred to Microsoft.

I notice that Atom 1.21.1 is now in stable! :smiley:

@Ads20000 Thanks, is there a reason the snap is built from DEB packaging and not source? (GitHub)

Great question. When we initially built the atom snap it was just easier to ingest the deb to make the snap. Snapcraft is super flexible in this regard, being able to ingest build artifacts from elsewhere in the release process. So rather than re-build it, we went for making a snap from the deb.

If someone wanted to have a go at building from source, and make a pull request against the snapcrafters repo, we would certainly take a look, but doing that work isn’t critical so nobody on our team has taken the time to do it yet.

We had hoped that we could hand the snap over to the upstream developers, rather than have the snapcrafters repo responsible for building the snap. Unfortunately the upstream developers were not interested in taking this on.

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the confirmation.

Good to know, we’ll contribute to existing snaps moving forward.

Disappointing but understandable, hopefully tighter integration with their build system/source code will help improve this situation.

There is an issue with Atom snap on 18.10. Here’s the issue: