Call for testing Adapta-GTK-Snap

I have recently created with permission from Tista and the guys who make papirus icons, a theme pack for Adapta.
I have similar email correspondence for Tista who says she doesn’t have issues so long as the snap is correctly attributed which I have hopefully done.

This is currently packaged in the beta channel and can be installed using:
sudo snap install adapta-gtk-snap --beta

To connect the theme to a corresponding snap like thunderbird or libreoffice simply run the following commands:

sudo snap connect :icon-themes adapta-gtk-snap:icon-themes
sudo snap connect :gtk-3-themes adapta-gtk-snap:gtk-3-themes

Finally to select which theme you want add these two lines to your bashrc file.

export GTK_THEME

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Is there anything else I need to do for this snap other than maintain it? I ideally would like to pass it up to snapcrafters as it is pretty simple to maintain and can integrate well.

There is a call for people as I have seen a few snaps that request specifically for this theme and I do have permission from the owners if you would like to see it.

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Or would it be a candidate got the gtk-common-themes snap?

I don’t potentially mind, but I think Tista and the Papirus team would require clear attribution to their projects along with their sub-icon authors. That was a clear requirement when I corresponded with her.

Is there a way to get this taken over by snapcrafters if possible?

There are now duplicates of the work, and not all of them provide correct attribution as requested by Tista.

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