Call for test: firebase-tools

Hey guys!
The snap for firebase-tools has been built and you all are welcome to test it out.

To install the snap, run the following command in terminal

sudo snap install firebase --edge --devmode

Then to run firebase follow the documentation available here : firebase-tools docs

Thank you!
Let me know if you come across any issues!

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Hello guys!
Test this out : @kyrofa and @elopio!

Thank you,

@Simran, please update your install instructions to include --devmode.

I tested some of the functions and this looks like a very nice start :smiley: Thanks!

What about now trying to use strict confinement to the snap and add the required plugs?

Thank you @elopio!
Yes, I’ll proceed with upgrading it to the strict confinement, adding the required plugs and will provide an update on the thread then.

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