Call for Suggestions: Featured snaps Friday 9th October 2020

As per Crowdsourcing featured applications - proposal - we’re continuing the crowdsourcing of featured applications for this coming Friday. See this thread for how that panned out last time. Let’s come up with some new things to feature this week!

On Friday 9th October we will update the Featured section with new/different apps.

Please reply below with suggestions for applications we will consider for inclusion. Applications should be:

  • Available in the Snap Store stable channel (as users will expect low-risk from featured apps)
  • Limited to 3 suggestions per respondent below (to reduce spamming)
  • Your own or another person’s application (i.e. suggestions aren’t limited to the publisher)
  • Skewed towards desktop applications/games (because most people are using this to install on their desktop/laptop)

Feel free to discuss the suggestions in a respectful way below, also. :slight_smile:

This one looks pretty promising:

Install RedisDesktopManager for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Also my own work :slight_smile: :

Install XNote Stopwatch (UNOFFICIAL) for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Two questions:

  • Is there a list of what applications were featured and when? So we don’t keep submitting duplicates.
  • If the apps we submitted weren’t featured, can we just resubmit them here?
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Good questions. I don’t think it’s a problem to submit duplicates. Bear in mind there’s millions of people running Ubuntu alone, and they don’t all open the graphical storefront every two weeks. So I am not too fussed about repeating things here and there.

However, you could look at the pull requests on this repo, which is what actually drives the featured apps. (please don’t submit PRs to that repo :wink: ).


While it’s featured in other ways (at the top of its category), I’ll vote for:

Pretty much everyone can use it (sensible UI), and it can play almost anything.

And of course there’s the brilliant:

Can’t hurt for more people to know that Blender exists, even if it has a learning curve.

And finally, while it was featured this last time, we had several people rediscover a game they’d played decades ago seemingly because of the featured status, so I’ll list the open source game I help contribute to again (if you don’t mind):

Thank you for doing this crowdsourcing of suggestions - hopefully it will encourage folks to check in on the featured list in the store more frequently, and discover more great open source apps.

And a quick comment / suggestion: @popey There are some great command-line Snaps that provide a lot of install / updating convenience (certbot comes to mind) which I understand would probably be out-of-scope for this, but perhaps there could be a separate “command-line tools” featured section? (Or a list could be collected for a blog entry every now and then?)


I have a three:

  • MakeMKV (because it’s awesome)
  • Stellarium-daily (for all us stargazers)
  • bpytop (new revision of bashtop written in Python) - terminal app but man, it’s awesome
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I like this idea! There are so many CLI tools that sysadmins and the like would love to see.


This is a neat idea. We could certainly have a “Command line” section for stuff which is terminal based but isn’t necessarily servers, like spt, bashtop, mutt, irssi and friends. I like this idea. @roadmr What’s the status of us creating new categories?


I’m trying to be mindful of what’s been featured recently, but some solid shouts:

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Thanks everyone for this week’s suggestions. I have added them to the next update. I’ve got three more slots to fill, so if there’s any last minute snaps anyone would like to add… then I’ll push the update this afternoon.

Ok, time’s up! I’ve added a few more based on selections from @Igor!
Here’s the PR.
Look forward to seeing these landing in the featured section shortly.
Thanks again everyone for contributing. I’ll close this thread and start another in a week or so!
Keep an eye out for interesting things to feature, or maybe snap something yourself! :smiley: hint hint

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