Call for Suggestions: Featured snaps Friday 6th November 2020

It’s that time again!

As per Crowdsourcing featured applications - proposal - we’re continuing the crowdsourcing of featured applications for this coming Friday. See this thread for how that panned out last time. Let’s come up with some new things to feature this week!

On Friday 6th November we will update the Featured section with new/different apps.

Please reply below with suggestions for applications we will consider for inclusion. Applications should be:

  • Available in the Snap Store stable channel (as users will expect low-risk from featured apps)
  • Limited to 3 suggestions per respondent below (to reduce spamming)
  • Your own or another person’s application (i.e. suggestions aren’t limited to the publisher)
  • Skewed towards desktop applications/games (because most people are using this to install on their desktop/laptop)
  • Please ensure suggested desktop applications have an icon and screenshot. (If they don’t, please ask the publisher to add one)

Feel free to discuss the suggestions in a respectful way below, also. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna kick off with Bomb Squad, because I just updated it in the store :D.

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