Call for Suggestions: Featured snaps Friday 23rd October 2020

Update: I’ve added a new criteria for this week.

As per Crowdsourcing featured applications - proposal - we’re continuing the crowdsourcing of featured applications for this coming Friday. See this thread for how that panned out last time. Let’s come up with some new things to feature this week!

On Friday 23rd October we will update the Featured section with new/different apps.

Please reply below with suggestions for applications we will consider for inclusion. Applications should be:

  • Available in the Snap Store stable channel (as users will expect low-risk from featured apps)
  • Limited to 3 suggestions per respondent below (to reduce spamming)
  • Your own or another person’s application (i.e. suggestions aren’t limited to the publisher)
  • Skewed towards desktop applications/games (because most people are using this to install on their desktop/laptop)
  • Update: Please ensure suggested desktop applications have an icon and screenshot. (If they don’t, please ask the publisher to add one)

Feel free to discuss the suggestions in a respectful way below, also. :slight_smile:


thunderbird, the new 78 serie has been moved to the stable channel and isn’t available as a deb yet for stable Ubuntu series

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I propose NetBeans IDE, the smarter way to code, and my own creation based atop the NetBeans platform, mapton.
Mapton is very much like google earth where one can add custom plugins.

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I’d like to suggest my sc-controller snap, please, as it needs a wider audience to test and improve. It is an emulation layer for the Steam Controller, allowing it to be used for non-Steam games. Basic functionality works well, but I’d like to work on bluetooth support, support for other controllers and general quality of life improvements. Thanks.

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I’m gonna suggest Install GeForce Now on Linux | Snap Store because it’s awesome :slight_smile: (I uploaded it, but I didn’t write it)

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I’ll suggest my application Argos Translate (argos-translate) it lets you run neural machine translation locally on your computer and install packages to support new languages with an easy to use interface.


Thanks for the suggestions. Pull request made!