Call for fragging: quake shareware

On a warm spring Saturday afternoon, is there anything better than staying inside with the curtains drawn, blasting zombies, soldiers and monsters to giblets in an historic first person shooter? …I thought not. sudo snap install quake-shareware immediately and bid farewell to the weekend.

(Sorry, amd64 only for now. Until can cope with subversion repositories we’re stuck with my hand rolled builds.)

Happy fragging.



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Which engine is this? Can you drop the full game pak files somehwere if you have them?

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It is using an SVN build of quakespasm. I wanted to use the original engine under dosbox but there is a longstanding bug where gamma is set too low and dosbox crashes to desktop if you try to adjust it. I think quakespasm is an excellent substitute.

I haven’t tried the original files. My copy of quake is on CD, and I no longer have a machine with an optical drive to get at them! You could try dumping them under $HOME/snap/quake-shareware/current/quake_shareware/shareware/ but I can’t test or support that just now. Neither can I test or support cd audio or mods. If you try it, let me know if it works!


err Nope this does not work for me,

=- so i have posted to the community afar for bettr attribution.

Nice. I’d rather not use the original engine I think :slight_smile:

This worked fine for me. Thanks for doing this, I haven’t played much quake 1 in a while…

I have a few comments:

  1. It doesn’t seem as if command line arguments are being passed through to the engine. Would that be fixable?

  2. have you considered including quake injector for downloading and playing custom maps?

  3. Wouldn’t having game files in $SNAP_USER_COMMON rather than $SNAP_USER_DATA make more sense? It’s not like the format of pak files is going to change over the lifetime of this snap :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for doing this.

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To answer questions 1 and 3 together, I’m not really clear on which command line arguments can be passed to quakespasm (the documentation is rather vague) so my launcher naively changes to the game directory and launches with the basedir parameter set. The save files end up in a subdirectory of this, hence why I’m using $SNAP_USER_DATA instead of $SNAP_USER_COMMON as I suppose the savefile and configuration file format could change with a future version of quakespasm. None of this jiggery-pokery is transparent to the user, so passing through user flags might break in unexpected ways. I’ll have a think as to how I can handle this better and try to implement your suggestions.

I don’t know much about quake injector. It looks to be a java program. I haven’t tried bundling java apps in snaps yet: for the time being this is probably beyond me and I don’t think I could commit to maintaining that. It is probably a bit out of scope for this snap (which is intentionally simple) but it might be fun to build a more comprehensive quakespasm snap with this sort of thing built-in :slight_smile: