Bulding Qt components on top of KDE frameworks

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to transition the Subsurface snap to use kde-frameworks-5-core18, in part to reduce duplication, in part to use the newer Qt 5.12 provided by them.

Unfortunately subsurface needs QtBluetooth (from qtconnectivity) that’s not available in the current KDE framework. I then tried to build it myself as a part, but (correctly) private Qt headers are missing from the build snap… I could just check qtbase out and put that in include paths, but maybe there’s a better approach?

@sitter your name is all over the place on these snaps, maybe you have an idea? :slight_smile:


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Qt modules are tightly linked, so I think the best way to go about this is to put qtconnectivity into the frameworks snap directly.

Well, that would certainly be an option :slight_smile:

Can I help?

Assuming I didn’t screw up qtconnectivty should now be part of the content snap. If you want you can also drop by #kde-neon on freenode, there’s usually someone around during europe business hours who can help if you have further problems.

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